Which Side: A Vegan Anarchist Podcast

Jordan and Jeremy talk about their favorite games, energy drinks and other randomness.

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We talk to Derek from Veg'n Out Cafe. A new all vegan cafe in Ohio. Check out the Kickstarter http://kck.st/10RCetj and donate today.

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*Spoiler Alert* We ruin the ending of six feet under and talk about "Happy" Meat & Old Anarchists/Reddit
Listen for a chance to win $25 gift certificate to Sweet and Sara

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We talk to Casey about anarchism, gun control and scrotum piercings. Listen for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Casey's shop Punctured Piercing and Tattoo.

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We hang out with Mariana and don't talk to her at all about green burials, vegan cheese, Emma Goldman and porn. Enjoy

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We talk to Matt Miner about his new comic The Liberator and his kickstarter campaign for it. liberatorcomic.com back it today.

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Mariana joins us and talks about aliens, food, and just hangs out.

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Hangning out talking about food and cooking.

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Isadora (Jeremy's 6 year old daughter) insisted on joining in and telling jokes. You've been warned.

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Stories from Prison and other non-sense 

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