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We play Anarchy Answers, Talk about the Million Mask March and ideas we have for future content. We are still doing a membership drive until the end of October. If you want a bonus episode each week as well as outtakes, and all the free stuff you can think of... you can get a yearly membership for $25 a year (1/2 off) or you can get 3 months for only $5 (normally $5 a month). Only through the end of October. Sign up at whichsidepodcast.com/members

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We are posting our bonus episode this week for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to continue to get 2 episodes per week consider signing up as a member for the introductory price of $5 for 3 months or $25 for a year (50% Off) through October only. Sign up at whichsidepodcast.com Enjoy! P.S. we know we are off on the numbers this would be episode 50 sorry we don't know how to count.

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We talk about recent news stories... including an inmate who was moved to solitary confinement simply for having "copious amounts of anarchist material", pilots falling asleep while flying planes, and others. We talk about Jordan's wedding and honeymoon to hawaii and how government is trying to further developement in the untouched country on the islands. How privledge effects us and what we should do about it as anarchists. Marathons and running. Television shows and Stupid shit we did as kids.

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This week we talk about genetically modified crops. The scarecrow ad by chipotle & pirate radio amongst other things. This month we are offering membership discounts. You can get a year membership for half the price at $25 or try a membership for 3 months for only $5. This will only be discounted during October. So get on that shit.

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