Which Side: A Vegan Anarchist Podcast

This week we get an update on Jordan's wedding plans, do the segment read-it on reddit, and hear a sneak preview of a new podcast we are creating interviewing new vegans. We have a special this month on our memberships check out whichsidepodcast.com for details.

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The boys talk about a variety of topics including the different vegan food they've ate lately, marriage and the state, religion, anarchism, computer security and other things. They bring back anarchy answers & read-it on reddit as well as impliment a new segment called which side news. This is the kind of bonus content you can enjoy and more with a membership to our podcast. Visit www.whichsidepodcast.com now to become a member.

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Donna Wild Author of Vegan Diet Meal plan and personal coach is on and challenges the boys to be healthier, we'll see if they can stick to it.

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Jordan and Jeremy talk about how the Which Side Rendezvous went. They talk about death. They talk about anarchists. They talk about being vegan (probably). They talk about Miley Cyrus. They talk about the VMA's. Because that's what vegan anarchists do right, talk?

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Matt Miner creator of the liberator comic is on talking about the comics and the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con Sept 5-7 saltlakecomiccon.com 

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