Which Side: A Vegan Anarchist Podcast

**Fixed Audio** This week we talk with Jessica Lee from TarSandsResist.org and PeacefulUprising.org about Tar Sands and the upcoming Which Side Rendezvous. We also discuss activism in general and our favorite and craziest moments as activists. Most of the technical issues have been solved. But having 3 guests in our very small new studio is still a challenge we are trying to fix. Thank you for understanding.

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Mari is finally in the US and she joins us. If you ever wanted to know what its really like to hang out with us this is the episode that you need to listen to. We talk about our favorite veggies and offensive jokes. Enjoy!

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Jordan is finally off parole and is now officially free. Weekly poll about Kale, new segment read it on reddit and another installment of anarchy answers. We apologize for the slight echo during some points, we are working on a solution thanks for understanding. 

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We talk about the upcoming Which Side Rendezvous (Aug 30th - Sept 2nd) and the environmental issues that you all care about (hint we both care the most about factory farming). Sorry about the slight echo, we are in our new studio space and still need some sound instillation. 

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